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Pagal Basti review a by Anup KC

Fiction was never my cup of tea. But there are still few books that I cannot forget and stop praising it for its beauty. The Firm by John Grisham , Shogun by James Clavell , Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon are the few of them which have immense impact on my reading; fiction. On my last visit to Nepal, I saw a book on the street and its titled पागल बस्ती. The name itself was appealing. I couldn’t resist myself from momentarily halting my walk and have a sneak peak on the book. I dropped it back after a few minutes of flicking over and walked away with a heavy heart without being able to decide if I should buy it or not; as I was unsure. Will I be able to finish it ?? or will my anger just take over my reading for not being able to comprehend. But the battle continued in my head. I wondered what made him choose such a title, and what could be the content of it. I have heard the rumours that this book reflects his life but he has denied this comment in media and hi